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“Knowledge & Service Above & Beyond” is not just a saying or “tag line”, it is a promise... 

…a promise to provide unsurpassed service, a promise to make your needs our needs, and a promise to do our best to make your north Idaho dream a reality.  Selkirk Mountain Real Estate will never be about the money, it will always be about you. We are trained to protect your interests and help make the process of buying and selling real estate as hassle free and as pleasant as possible.  The mountain in Selkirk Mountain represents the highest in integrity, the highest in professionalism and the highest goal of making lifelong relationships, one home at a time.

           Making the decision to purchase a new home is an important one, and choosing the right Realtor should also be an important decision to consider.  Embarking on the American dream of owning a home can be a difficult journey, but so very rewarding when you attain that goal.  Even with a faltering economy and the loss of jobs, no one knows what the future may bring.  But one thing is for sure; there is only so much land on this planet, and no more mountains, rivers or valleys are going to be created.  If you have the financial means to purchase real estate, you have the hardest part already completed.  It is no secret that selling a home right now can be a challenge, but this is a great time to make that purchase you may have been putting off.  There is lots of inventory (also known as a Buyer’s Market), and interest rates are still low.

             Selkirk Mountain Real Estate is dedicated to helping our buyers in their quests for finding just the right property.  We specialize in representing buyers, listening to what our buyers tell us they are looking for, and showing them the properties that fit their needs, instead of what the real estate agent wants to sell them, or only showing their own listings.  By taking the parameters of what our buyers want, we can enter those parameters into our MLS (Multiple Listing Service) computer and our buyers are alerted via email immediately and directly when a new listing hits the MLS or a price reduction takes place on a property with their parameters.  Our buyers do not have to worry about whether or not their agent is watching the MLS for new listings.  We get notified of listings that our buyers receive, and by being on top of new listings as they come onto the market, our buyers have a great chance of finding the right property immediately, and not as likely to have a lot of competition when it comes to making an offer.

             So, you’ve made your first decision on what part of the planet you want to own your piece of dirt.  If the decision is made that north Idaho is the place, Selkirk Mountain Real Estate is here to help you obtain your piece of the planet.
            Next, you need to figure out how much house you can afford.  If you need to finance the purchase of a home, it is a very good idea to get prequalified.  This serves several purposes: 

1. We look at homes or land that you have the ability to purchase.  If we don’t do this and we find the perfect house and it turns out that you cannot qualify for the loan, you will be very disappointed.  It also saves everyone a lot of time by not looking at real estate that you are not going to be able to purchase. 

2. When we write up a Purchase and Sale Agreement, a seller is much more likely to consider your offer and terms if you have a contingency of financing, and your offer is accompanied by your pre-qualification letter.  This is especially true if a seller receives more than one offer on their property.

3. By working on your preapproval ahead of time, you can shop for the best interest rates on loans.  Even a small difference on a rate can save you thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.  Good credit, documenting your income and a substantial down payment will make you a better candidate for the better mortgage rates.

There are definite advantages to owning a home:

1. Uncle Sam helps out by letting taxpayers deduct part of the mortgage interest and real estate taxes each year.  Borrowers get the benefit only if they pay enough in one year to exceed the standard deduction. But that usually happens, especially during the first few years of a mortgage, when most of each payment goes toward interest rather than principle.  According to the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, the average homeowner today has 36 times the net worth of the average renter.  By taking advantage of the federal income tax deductions on property taxes and mortgage interest, you can save up to thousands of dollars annually.

2. Owners enjoy other benefits, too. They build equity over time as home values rise and their mortgage balances shrink.  The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) estimates that on average, the value of a home nearly doubles every ten years.  As a homeowner you earn appreciation on your purchase price, something a renter cannot do.  This value, especially paired with a low interest rate and plentiful inventory, makes now the perfect time for a home purchase.

3. They also don't have to worry about their housing costs shooting through the roof, because lenders can't boost borrowers' rates and payments unless those borrowers have adjustable-rate mortgages.

4. Pride and comfort in owning your own home.

5. Control over your own property and the freedom to decorate and landscape how you like.

6. Fixed mortgage payments.

7. Housing security.

While poor market conditions have created troubling circumstances for some homeowners, the downturn has made the affordability of homes better than ever.  Because the market time to sell a home has increased, this creates a larger inventory of homes; everything including new, existing as well as foreclosures makes it a good time to buy.  As a buyer you can peruse the market and have the freedom to select the home you really want.  If you’re interested in a new home, many developers are getting more competitive with their pricing because they have also taken a hit by the ailing economy.

Emotions, family and personal reasons all come into play in any home buying decision.  Buying a home can create a higher quality of life, giving you pride of homeownership, and something to enjoy improving and developing over the years.

 Since Selkirk Mountain Real Estate specializes in representing buyers, our goal is to represent YOUR interests, not the seller’s.  We want to make your buying experience a pleasurable one, and our goal is to make clients for life.  The highest compliment we can receive is the referral of your friends, family and business associates.  Thank you for your trust.

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